Here's The Scoop! (Case: 30lbs)

Here's The Scoop! (Case: 30lbs)


Case includes three ten-pound jugs of Here's the Scoop litter.

  • Safer to Use - Doesn't contain chemicals or sodium bentonite, which can be harmful to your cat
  • Eliminates Odor - Natural ingredients offer excellent odor control
  • Easier to Clean - Simply scoop out the clumps for a fresh litter box every day
  • Saves You Money - Because you remove the clumps, you change the litter box less often
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What's wrong with Sodium Bentonite?

Clumping litters that contain sodium bentonite form a hard, insoluble mass when they get wet. Cats can ingest or inhale this dangerous substance when they use their litter box and when they clean themselves by licking their paws. When the litter is ingested, it may cause dehydration and prevent the absorption of nutrients or fluids.

Sodium bentonite can swell to fifteen times its original size after absorbing moisture. Also, when sodium bentonite coats the digestive tract, it can leave the animal susceptible to infections.