Treat-Umms Quality Assurance Statement

To Our Valued Customers:

We are issuing the following Quality Assurance statement so our customers can be 
assured it is safe to feed Treat-Umms natural dog treats. 

The facility that makes Treat-Umms complies with the requirements of the Federal 
Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. The products are produced using good manufacturing 
procedures (GMP) and are certified by the Chinese Agency CIQ, which is responsible 
for following all FDA requirements for such products. All products are tested 
following applicable methods for any contaminants and are free of such prior to 

The chicken and other ingredients used in the production of Treat-Umms comply with 
the strict standards established by a joint effort of the FDA and CIQ (both governing 
bodies of these types of items). The chickens are raised on the highest quality feed 
and no chemicals or toxins are used in the manufacturing of our products. Treat-
Umms are natural and comply with the higher standards provided in the Federal 
Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for human grade food requirements. We make various 
audits of the plant to ensure it is complying with all FDA and USDA requirements. 

Prior to shipment, Treat-Umms are tested for contaminants and toxins according to 
proper FDA and USDA methodologies. To date none have ever come back testing 
positive for contaminants or toxins.

We have had no problems, complaints or incidents of dogs getting sick from any of 
our Treat-Umms products since we began marketing them over seven years ago. 

 Hopefully, this answers any concerns you may have regarding Treat-Umms dog
 treats. As always, our mission at Healthy Pet Foods is to provide only the highest
 quality, natural products for pets.


Michael Gagliardi