Here's the Scoop! Clumping Cat Litter


*Add the following shipping prices for locations West of the Mississipi River:

  • 20lb Bag - $8
  • 10lb Jug (3-pack case) - $10
  • Benefits of Here's The Scoop!

    • Safer to Use
      • Doesn't contain chemicals or sodium bentonite - ingredients that can be harmful to your cat
    • Eliminates Odor
      • Natural ingredients offer excellent odor control
    • Easier to Clean
      • Simply scoop out the clumps for a fresh litter box every day
    • Saves You Money
      • Because you remove the clumps, you change the litter box less often

    Our 10lb Jug is easy to carry and pour! Screw the lid back on to store any unused portions!

    Our 20lb Bag is a more economical way to buy!


    Ingredients: Natural ground clay and guar gum