Tasty Starter Packs

Discover a variety of flavors without having to buy a case of each. 


Starter Pack 1 - Lick Your Chops Dog Food

Pack contains six cans (13.2 oz./ea.)

Mix of: Turkey and Rice; Lamb and Rice; Beef and Rice

Starter Pack 2 - Treat-Umms Dog Treats

Pack includes three cartons (2.5 oz./ea.).

Chicken and Sweet Potato Wraps (1); Chicken and Apple Wraps (1); Chicken and Liver Strips (1)

Starter Pack 3 - All Natural Cat Food

Pack includes eight cans.

  • Four Lick Your Chops cans (5.5oz./ea.)
    • Chicken and Brown Rice (1); Turkey and Brown Rice (1); Seafood and Brown Rice (1); Lamb and Brown Rice (1)
  • Four Distinctive Delicacies cans (3.5oz./ea.)
    • Turkey and Sweet Potato(1); Salmon and Whitefish (1); Chicken and Catfish (1); Chicken and Crab (1)